Although the summer is over, it is not too late or neither too early to plan your next holiday destination.



In order to help you to plan your future trip we will present you the hottest gay travel tendencies of 2015 and 2016.






The most populous city in the whole continent of both Australia and Oceania is a great destination to escape to the other part of the world.


In addition, Sydney offers you to discover the historical Australia. The museum of Australia was opened in 1857 and remains the oldest museum in Australia.


Also, you can relax in Hyde park where you are surounded by more than 500 mature exotic and native trees. Finally, the iconic Sydney Opera House will fulfill your holiday with a lot of great cultural events.


Sydney has been one of the most attractive places for gays. Of course, you cannot miss the Mardi Gras festival, parade and dance party. It is a yearly event on late February/early March. Don’t miss one of the best celebrations!







The capital of Sweden is another great example combining historical and modern sides of the city.


Beautiful architecture of Stockholm’s City Hall will stimulate a sympathy for this huge Scandinavian city. There are plenty of green places in the city of Stockholm. 


Stockholm Pride is the largest pride celebration in the whole Scandinavia region. Gays and lesbians are enjoying their life in Stockholm because of its welcoming and warmth environment. 






Berlin is one the favourite destination for holiday in Europe. The Berlin Wall memorizes its importance in the world history.

City is famous for its architecture, festivals, night life and museums. The wide range of entertainment makes Berlin so wonderful. Gendarmenmarkt, Unter den Linden boulevard, these are just a few places you must visit in Berlin.


Berlin moved up by 10 places in World’s Top 20 Intended Destinations for LGBT Travel from 2011 to 2015. In past few decades Germany made a huge move towards support of LGBT rights.






The capital of entertainment does not need a long description. Vegas is simply famous for shopping, fine dining, night life and gambling as well.


However, you are able to find a place where you can escape from all the noise such as Red Rock Canyon. Finally, to complete this visit you must see the Bellagio Fountains.


The city of sin is full of gay and lesbian clubs and bars, where you are free to enjoy your vacation in Vegas. 






Amsterdam is intimately connected with water. One of the most memorable ways to discover this city is to take a canal boat tour.


More than 160 canals are now available. There are many places in and around the city offering different shopping experiences.


From restaurants, cafés, art galleries and jewellers to The P.C. Hooftstraat – most exclusive shopping street in Amsterdam. This city can satisfy all types of needs for your holiday.


A huge variety of LGBT restaurants, clubs. Amsterdam openly supports and promotes LGBT rights. The  city rhythm is always interrupted by social events, Amsterdam Gay Pride, Canal Parade and more events.


What’s your next destination?