Looking for places to stay… regarding gay friendly accommodation

When planning a romantic getaway an appropriate accommodation advice is always necessary…

But for LGBT travelers community, puting too much trust into the big booking agencies or the general accommodation listing sites usually results in a negative feedback such as: „A lot of hotels are nothing like gay friendly hotels, they just want our money!“ or „They are happy to take our money – but they don’t really want us around.“

No company can travel far without the right values in their heart, so travel agncies that declares itself as gay friendly should aim to provide only most comprehensive and accurate information available to ensure pleasurable and comfortable traveling experience.

Most common problems that gay tourists experience while traveling abroad include: rudeness from locals, public discrimination, and worse case scenario physical violence and without ignoring this fact, the truth is that this happens to many tourists in all possible cases, and all possible places. Of course, depending where you’re traveling the attitude towards gay tourists is different, some countries allow you to be openly gay, others just treat you as a criminal for expressing the way you are.

As we are so passionate about popularizing the unique possibilities for gay tourism, we have released a digital gay friendly accommodations catalogue, only for gay friendly hotels in every point of the world. This guide will be useful, when planning your romantic getaway, because here you will find all relevant information such as: descriptions about the accommodations, hotels conditions, prices, photos, contacts and visitors’ comments.

Here at gay-escapes.com we offer genuinely gay friendly accommodations, that you are able to review and choose depending on your own needs. Our mission is to highlight hand-picked gay travel information, covering all the best holiday destinations and hotels for gay travelers around the world.

Click here to download our digital magazine and pick the best gay travel opportunities for your unforgettable vacation.