How To End Your Last Holiday Night in Buenos Aires – Top 5 Gay Friendly Bars And Night Clubs

How To End Your Last Holiday Night in Buenos Aires

We often do not feel how fast time goes while having amazing holidays in a beautiful, exotic country. And usually on the last night we catch ourselves thinking how to end the last day of the holiday that it remains in our memories for a long time. And most often or not a good party is the case, right?
Here in this article we want to share with you some ideas of spending your last night in Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Argentina Hotel, a place where it is possible to create a sensational night, that you could remember the rest of your life.

Top 5  gay friendly bars and night clubs you must visit in Buenos Aires

#1 First one – Sitges, it has been running for 15 years already, it is the second oldest gay bar in town. Sitges is famous for its modern environment, especially the spectacular scenery, lamp decorations, and visual effects of cool rays. Moreover the black and white polkadot walls stand as a good canvas for the blue and green pot lights to decorate. This club really has a great service, bartenders know their job, they can always surprise you with methods of cocktails preparation and their taste. Nightclub also has a lot of entertainment such as the Foam Party, karaoke, dance night and the Gay Beach Party during the Summer Season.



#2 If you want something extreme we can suggest – KM Zero. We can safely say that KM Zero Monday nights are the hottest around Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Argentina. Monday nights are striptease nights, that will make the heart beat stronger. Nightclub surprises by its outstanding design, which in other words is best described as word darkness. Club staff is extremely hospitable and friendly. The things that can happen at this bar promise to be memorable, from strippers dressed as aliens, to a tequila contests that involves licking salt from a stripper’s belly, isn’t this challenging to try before you leave?




#3 If you are passionate fan of dancing, Tango Queer is what you need. Tango was originally danced by men together, because the form was at first considered too obscene for women to dance with men. In the modern era, gay Porteños take this a step further, with three gay tango salons bringing back old-fashioned, same-sex tango. Tango Queer interior looks very reservedly, parquet looks like a chess board in black and white tiles, a great place to practice new dance steps. This is the best place for lesbian milongueras (tango dancers) in San Telmo, as there are usually plenty of females in attendance.




#4 One more club would be Flux. This place is best suited for those who need quiet moments. Flux club also has an exclusive environment, here you will notice that club walls are decorated with photos of “Flux” tattoos adorning men’s bodies. This club has a lot of space, with comfortable sofas and chairs, selected piece of music creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, where you can forget all your trouble, sit down relax and have incredibly pleasant moments.




#5 Last, but not the least – Amerika. This club is well known for its size, the maximum capacity of 1,866 people. Also visual effects using green and red lights, huge shining disco balls that provides additional light for the main dance hall. Additional spaces that are blocked by curtains and are darker than the rest of the bar, this zone is decorated with black leather couches…you can only imagine what sexy deeds go on there. This place perfectly suits your taste, if you like extravagance and good music.




Folow our offered bars and night clubs guide and just try one of them or all, we are wishing you to have a great holiday and espeacially the memorable last night of your visit.