Gay travel on the rise: What does it mean to be a gay friendly accommodation?

Luxury resorts, romantic scenery, extraordinary hotels and most importantly tolerant policies make these destinations the perfect match for the growing number of LGBT travelers.

Gay travel industry is rapidly growing and gay owned hotels or traditional gay destinations are no longer the primary draw. Such beautiful places like Hawaii, South Africa, and Bora-Bora now also offer gay marriage and anti-discrimination laws that can put same sex couples at ease. After all, eliminating out of date attitudes LGBT honeymooners want to be able to hold hands or exchange a kiss on the beach like everyone else. Regarding today’s society behaviour, there is no wonder that tourism agencies are switching their focus and reaching out to the gay travel sector.

As gay travel is on the rise being a gay friendly accommodation these days means more than just putting up a rainbow flag, everything revovles around the sensitivity and intelligence.

So what makes a place like a hotel a gay friendly hotel? What criteria determine if it is gay friendly hotel or not? It is not just ads in gay publications or a feeling you get from the advertisements, not something that only gay people might pick up on, is it? Straightest answer is that the destinations and hotels must meet these criteria in order to ensure that vacation experience  is pleasurable and comfortable:

  • First stop accommodation environment – a good gay friendly hotel should be clean and have a relaxed and friendly attitude with no expectations for a certain dress code and no problems with overnight visitors.
  • Second stop entertainment – a good gay friendly hotel should have plenty of information regarding LGBT bars and clubs, moreover the staff should also be approachable and able to give relevant and required information.
  • Third stop community – a gay friendly hotel should take care that it is easy to meet fellow guests from the LGBT community. The hotel should also be easy to find and not hide the fact that it is gay friendly. They may also arrange special events , which would be a great way to meet other guests from the LGBT community.
  • Finally, a good gay friendly accommodation should be reasonably priced according to a hotel corresponding charges, not more regarding the guests type.

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