Best Gay Friendly Bars In Barcelona

Are you planning a trip or holidays in Barcelona? Wanna have fun? Check the best gay friendly bars and pubs in Barcelona!

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Let’s start fun from Átame where you can see actors performances in the roles of Mónica Naranjo, Raphael and even Madonna. This is the place where you can relax in the afternoons but the nights explode with the campiest music of all time. Are you interested in happy hour? Check Átame on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 7pm to 10pm and enjoy fantastic show at every midnight.


Let’s move to Boys Bar BCN. This is a special place which has been a lot of things before now. First, it was a lesbian bar called Museum Girls. Second, it was Museums Retro. Currently, it is Boys Bar where you can usually see the crowd of Matinée fans and have parties like Bitch.


Let’s find out about El Cangrejo Eixample. Do not miss the chanse to visit it because of interesting decor which looks as if Gaudí sneezed violently. This is a lively and friendly bar which tends to attract a younger crowd.



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Wanna have a coctail in the gay bar? Moeem is a great choice and hetero-friendly atmosphere even perfect! Soundrack is eclectic and can satisfy all tastes. The bar give you possibility to get a few free nibbles on the accasional special event and in some afternoons. Do not miss this chance!


Next stop – Night Barcelona – the one of the few bars in Barcelona which is proud of a dark room and some action in it. This is a great place for German patriots or visitors who are interested in German culture because this bar organizes German-inspired parties that are quite literally sausage fests.


People Lounge – the place for people who are looking for elegance and appreciate the well-dressed waiters. The decorated walls with the posters of the most famous musicals create more special atmosphere.



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Plata Bar – the lively cocktail bar comes into its own on warm evenings, when the bar is completely open to the street. Grab the cocktail, have a seat and watch the world pass by.


Let‘s move to the first gay bar in Barceona – Punto BCN! Take the table on the mezzanine and enjoy good view of the crowd or even take the opportunity to take your pick before the object of your affections heads off into the night.


The last but not the least stop – Zelig – gay-friendly cocktail bar. Taste scrummy Dutch ‘tapas’ in unsual and colourful atmoshere.


Gay Escapes wish you to have a great time in Barcelona!