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Although the summer is over, it is not too late or neither too early to plan your next holiday destination.


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le marais, paris

Gay Guide to Marais, Paris

In this article we want to share with you useful resources that exactly describes all of the trendy activity inside this area. Paris is full of treasures and Marais is one of the jewels in this City of Lights…

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Plage de Pampelonne - Coco Beach, St-Tropez, France14

Where To Hit The Beach This Summer

It’s summer and it’s time to think about summer activities and vacations. If one of these activities is a trip to the beach, have you decided which beach to choose? We understand that you want to make sure that the selected beach has the ideal weather, right? 

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Best Gay Friendly Bars In Barcelona

Are you planning a trip or holidays in Barcelona? Wanna have fun? Check the best gay friendly bars and pubs in Barcelona!

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Best Gay Friendly Celebrity Holiday Destinations

As a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender individual, you may want to choose your travel destination to be hassle-free and most importantly gay friendly. At the same time you will have desires to enjoy attractions and to see beautiful views.


Regarding attractions have you ever wondered where superstars let their hair down and enjoy a well-deserved break? Where to spot the rich and famous spending their summer days? Maybe you even dreamed off staying in a hotel room, the same that one of your favourite celebrities stayed recently?

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Planing Your Wedding Proposal? Best Gay Proposal Spots From Gay-Escapes

You want to arrange a surprise proposal for your partner and you are planning a romantic destination getaway for two, of course you want this moment to be the most memorable for you and your lover, that’s why we made a selection of a best gay friendly proposal spots, from which you can choose yours.

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How To End Your Last Holiday Night in Buenos Aires

How To End Your Last Holiday Night in Buenos Aires – Top 5 Gay Friendly Bars And Night Clubs

We often do not feel how fast time goes while having amazing holidays in a beautiful, exotic country. And usually on the last night we catch ourselves thinking how to end the last day of the holiday that it remains in our memories for a long time. And most often or not a good party is the case, right?
Here in this article we want to share with you some ideas of spending your last night in Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Argentina Hotel, a place where it is possible to create a sensational night, that you could remember the rest of your life.

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Looking for places to stay… regarding gay friendly accommodation

When planning a romantic getaway an appropriate accommodation advice is always necessary…

But for LGBT travelers community, puting too much trust into the big booking agencies or the general accommodation listing sites usually results in a negative feedback such as: „A lot of hotels are nothing like gay friendly hotels, they just want our money!“ or „They are happy to take our money – but they don’t really want us around.“

No company can travel far without the right values in their heart, so travel agncies that declares itself as gay friendly should aim to provide only most comprehensive and accurate information available to ensure pleasurable and comfortable traveling experience.

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Gay travel on the rise: What does it mean to be a gay friendly accommodation?

Luxury resorts, romantic scenery, extraordinary hotels and most importantly tolerant policies make these destinations the perfect match for the growing number of LGBT travelers.

Gay travel industry is rapidly growing and gay owned hotels or traditional gay destinations are no longer the primary draw. Such beautiful places like Hawaii, South Africa, and Bora-Bora now also offer gay marriage and anti-discrimination laws that can put same sex couples at ease. After all, eliminating out of date attitudes LGBT honeymooners want to be able to hold hands or exchange a kiss on the beach like everyone else. Regarding today’s society behaviour, there is no wonder that tourism agencies are switching their focus and reaching out to the gay travel sector.

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